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How can I pay for my tickets?   

Simply click on the 'Buy your Tickets' button on the front page - we accept debit/credit card payments.  If you would rather not purchase online please contact us to arrange an alternative.  

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Are tickets/wristbands transferable?   


No, once you have exchanged your ticket for a wristband, it cannot be transferred to anyone else. Also once your tickets has been punched no further wristbands will be issued against that ticket. So please be careful not to lose your wristband.

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Are children free?   


Under 10's go free.  Tickets are limited to three per ticket holding adult, and are the adult's full responsibility.   If you have special circumstances, please contact us.  No 'Child only' orders will be fulfilled without a valid purchased Adult ticket.

Even though children are free, THEY STILL NEED A CHILDREN'S TICKET, so please remember to add them to your order.

10-15 Year olds will need a relevant ticket which are only £10.00

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What Activities are there for Children?

The Hen House is the main base for children's activities.  There will be a selection of activities going on throughout the day for children, from midday.  We have arranged the following to keep your children entertained, but they are your responsibility and must be accompanied at all times: 


Sing & Sign, Circus Skills, Magic Shows, African Drumming & Storytelling  

There will also be craft tables set up.

The main arena is completely surrounded by fencing.  There will be security and stewards on the gates, and no little person will be allowed to leave the arena by themselves.  All children will be wearing a wristband that their parent or carer can write their phone number on, so if they do get separated from their adult, it will help in re-uniting them as quickly as possible.

Are dogs welcome?   


Yes, but will need to be kept on a lead at all times, and please bring poo bags with you to pick up their mess. Water will be available from a stand pipe on the festival field for you to fill water bowls.

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Will I be able to buy food and drink in the Arena?

We have a selection of food stalls in the Arena which cater for all tastes as well as Vegan and Vegetarian options.  Please click here for full details.

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Are we allowed to bring our own food and drink onto the Festival Field?   


Like the majority of festivals, we ask you to support to food concessions to ensure that they make enough money to want to come back next year, but we will not stop you bringing your own food onto the festival field. However, no alcohol is to be brought into the festival arena.  Security will be operating bag searches and if any alcohol found you will be asked to return it to your car/camping area.

Bag searches, and not allowing alcohol onto the Arena, are conditions of our licence, and we have no control over this.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Are you doing your bit to reduce plastic use during the festival?   


We have asked food stalls to use paper plates/boxes and wooden cutlery where possible. We also welcome tankards at the bar, and multi-use plastic beer and wine glasses. 


We will NOT be using single use plastic 'glasses' at the bar.  We will be selling souvenir pint and half pint glasses which you can keep swapping for a clean one each time you buy another drink.  At the end of the day you can take your last glass home! Please remember to bring it back the next day, or we will have to ask you to purchase another.  Tankards will be refilled by bar staff filling a clean glass and tipping it into your tankard - for hygiene reasons.

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What do I need to bring with me?   


This is not an exhaustive list, but the essentials are;

A folding chair if you don't want to sit on the ground - most people bring these.

Appropriate clothes for the weather. It is England after all! So sun cream and umbrellas!

Suitable Footwear for grass and uneven pathways.

Plenty of cash/cards to buy food and drink although most stall and the bar accept card payments

A reusable pint glass for the bar - although you can purchase a  souvenir one for just £1!

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Will the site be suitable for disabled access?   


Yes. The 'limited mobility' camping field is right next to the festival field.  Disabled day visitors can park in this camping field.  There will be a disabled loo on site. If you are disabled and need to bring a carer, please get in touch by using the Contact Us form.

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Is there parking?

Yes, and it's free.  Follow the signs as you near the festival.  It is about a 10 minute walk to the Festival area, but you can bring a small hand pulled trolley to carry your belongings. 

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What I can and cannot bring into the Festival Arena?

You can bring into the Festival Arena:

A folding chair - these must be removed each evening.

Umbrellas - but not large parasols.

Beach Shelters, but these can only be erected at the top of the viewing area.

Flags - but please do not make the flag so big that people behind you cannot see - if they do obscure peoples view you will be asked to take it down.  In the event of bad weather, you may also be asked to take them down for safety reasons.  Please remember it is a family festival when choosing slogans!

Small hand pulled trollies - For transporting your chairs, coats etc. These make excellent beds for little children too (but without the luggage in, obviously!).

A Friendly disposition! Make friends with those around you and look out for each other.


You cannot bring into the Festival Arena:

GLASS. Any food/drink in glass containers or glass drinking vessels will be held at the main entrance for you to collect later.  Horses normally live in these fields and this is the only stipulation the land owners have requested, for the safety of their animals once the Festival is over.  It is also safer for you too.

Any illegal items, such as drugs or weapons.  These will be confiscated and you will be reported to the Police.

GazebosOf any size.

Any other items deemed unsafe or likely to obscure the view of the stage for people behind you.

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I don't want to stay onsite - are there places to stay locally?

You can stay locally and travel in each day and park in the FREE parking area..

Click here to find local accommodation at discounted rates

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Will there be photographers on site on how will the images be stored and used?

Yes there will be professional photographers on site to capture images of the bands and audience.  Please see our privacy notice regarding how the images are saved and how they will be used in future advertising.

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What is you Covid-19 Policy?

We will follow any government guidelines applicable at the time of the event. Hopefully now nearly all the population has been vaccinated, there will be no disruption due to Covid-19.

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