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How we are trying to be


The Environment and climate change is extremely important to the Chickenstock family, which is why we are actively researching ways to be Net Carbon Neutral as soon as possible.

The Power and Waste used during Chickenstock is offset by contributing to a community project, such as an ONIL Stoves for use by households in Guatemala, with Carbon Footprint Ltd  This will save between 3-4 tonnes of CO2e in the next 12 months.  View our certificates here.

What we have done so far...

Every change, no matter how small, will make a difference especially once all those little changes are added together.  So far we have:

  • Stopped selling bottled water and provided free water via standpipes around the Festival.

  • We sell re-usable cups at the bar and happy to fill up tankards and other reusable cups - we do not use any single use cups.

  • Night-time decorative lighting in the trees is solar powered.

  • We have asked all traders not to use single use plastics - its in our contract with them!

  • Using 'Julie's Bicycle' Carbon Use tool to monitor our Carbon 

  • Different bins for different rubbish so recycling can take place.
  • Use local suppliers to reduce the delivery miles.
  • Arranged for local taxi companies who use Hybrid cars to offer large vehicles for car sharing to local hotels and railway station.
  • Supply Artists with reusable aluminium water bottles for use on stage.
  • Offset 3.2 tonnes of CO2e with Carbon Footprint Ltd

Photo curtesy of Nick Garner

What we plan to do next....

We are exploring many ways in how to reduce the carbon footprint of the festival including;

  • Working with our energy provider to see how we can reduce power output, use bio-fuels in the generators or even use renewable power such as solar or wind to charge power packs.

  • Looking into alternatives to chemical toilets for more environmentally friendly options.

  • Engaging with our Waste collection provider to improve the amount of recyling.

  • Training of our Team in how to tackle this important issue effectively.

  • To continue working along side 'Green' charities to offset our carbon usage by supporting forest planting, eco stoves and other projects around the world.

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