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Chickenstock Festival aim to cater for all access needs throughout the duration of the festival. As parents of a disabled child we understand how limiting festivals can be, and if he is anything to go by, being able bodied is not a requirement for a love of music.  

If you have any specific requirements, let us know of these in advance, and we will do what we can to the best of our ability for you, to make your festival experience as care free, easy and enjoyable as possible.

The festival itself is set in a field that has areas of both flat and sloped ground. Like most outdoor settings, the terrain can be uneven in places.

Chickenstock Festival UK can offer a number of facilities and services, including:

  • Campsite is directly adjacent to the Arena - there is no specific disabled area so you can camp with your friends and family

  • Wheelchair charging facilities (upon request).

  • Refrigerated medicine storage (upon request).

  • Free tickets for carers of adult disabled attendees (please contact us for your free ticket when you have made your booking.) There must be at least 1 full paying adult ticket purchased per party to receive a carers pass

  • First aiders on site.

  • Disabled toilets and shower facilities.

  • The Arena is flat so you can sit with all of your friends and family rather than in a separate 'Disabled Only' viewing area.  If you require additional assistance please get in touch


Chickenstock Festival is also a dog friendly site, so any assistance dogs are more than welcome.

For any additional information regarding our accessibility, please contact


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